Start playing The Beatles, Bowie, Green Day, Chuck Berry, REM and more…try this Free BandJammer Guitar Course:

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Free Guitar Course

Lesson 1: A Cool Riff from Chuck Berry

We’ll take you step by step through one of the Classic Guitar Riffs of all time. Our detailed videos give you an overview of the Riff and how to set up your guitar and amp. Then we go through the Riff in great detail with the multi-camera angles showing you every note. Then it’s onto the practice video where we can have a Jam together.

Lesson 2: A Classic song from The Beatles

We’ll be jamming with the live band in this lesson, plus teaching you in detail the distinctive Lead Riff from this classic Beatles song.

Lesson 3: Essential Techniques by GreenDay

We’ve had so many great comments about this less and series of videos. These simple techniques open up a whole new world of guitar playing. Plus you learn this great song by Green Day.

Lesson 4: Rhythm and Strumming with The Kooks

Strumming and timing are often over looked areas of guitar playing, but they are the structural backbone of any song. Together we’ll be playing this lovely melodic song bu The Kooks, with some quick chord changes and fun strumming pattern

Lesson 5: A Great Bowie Solo

In this lesson we’ll be developing our string bending technique and then progressing to play the full lead solo. And the full band will be there to help you really nail it!

Lesson 6: Bryan Adams and Arpeggios

Are you ready to be pushed a bit further? In this lesson we’ll be developing your string picking and taking on this classic Bryan Adams song. The techniques learned here will help you in learning many more great songs.

Bonus Lesson: Improvising with REM

We just added this new lesson to the series. Here we’re going to break down in detail the exact steps to creating your own solo. And we’ve got all the teaching videos and backing track to really let your creativity run wild!

Here’s a sample of one of our Introductory videos: